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Domestic Violence Victims Should Leave The Perpetrator

Domestic violence victims should leave the perpetrator, who committed violent acts against them is an easy phrase that is commonly used for individuals that has never experienced domestic violence. On average there are approximately twenty people that are abused by an intimate partner per minute, and this alarming statistic affects almost ten million people a year. There many alarming stats about domestic violence, however what is being done for the victims and other family members who options is not as simple as packing their bags and leave in search of a new life. Prior to victims leaving their abuser, if they make it out alive, they are faced with confusing inclinations that may prevent them from finding an escape. Although victims are†¦show more content†¦Domestic violence is not immune to any community, and it affect all types of people regardless of age, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion, and age. Abusers implement system of dominance and control that consist of physical violence, control, and emotional abuse. The abuser behavior usually leads to psychological trauma, physical injury, and death, while the effects can last up to a lifetime, the possibility of crossing to other generations should make the domestic violence a top priority in helping victims find an out. Prior to victims leaving their abuser, if they make it out alive, they are faced with confusing inclinations that may prevent them from finding an escape. â€Å"I would never allow someone to hit me!† So easily said but without an plan rarely done. So many victims assume that their commitment to the relationship is more valuable than their safety and the safety of their children. The lack of self-esteem or confidence for a victim will definitely leave them in a deadlock on the options of leaving. With there being more animal shelters in the U.S. than there are shelters for victims of domestic violence, victims will believe that there is no place for them to go. Victim’s optimism could set the mindset of hope for change that may never come, and this belief could them them isolated from friend and family members. The threats of abuser could freeze the moment of their prey. The aggressor’s behaviors andShow MoreRelatedDomestic Violence1120 Words   |  5 Pages  Why didn’t she leave? Why did she marry him? She must have done something to provoke him. She chose to have kids with him and to stay with him. These are the resounding questions and statements that one hears when discussing domestic violence. When video broke of NFL player Ray Rice, hitting and knocking out his then girlfriend Janay, those were the types of questions that erupted on social media. Instead the question should have been, â€Å"Why did he hit her?†, â€Å"Why didn’t he show any emotion or remorseRead MoreDomestic Violence : A Global Issue Essay1179 Words   |  5 PagesDomestic violence is a global issu e which impacts many individuals in numerous ways. To gain a detailed understanding of both the aggressor and victims of domestic violence I chose to exam the psychological and environmental aspects that may influence this continuous behavior that coincides with the continual cycle of violence. I did this, by taking an in-depth look at the perpetrators who repeatedly use manipulation and violence to dominate and control their victims. Additionally, the victimsRead MoreReducing Domestic Violence Essay857 Words   |  4 Pagescomplex problems America deals with each year is that of domestic violence. This crime is one in which leaves the victim (statistically more common a female) filled with fear, anxiety, and shame; feelings that one should not have to feel. Yet as America progresses through time, no one solution has been proven to significantly reduce the ongoing domestic violence occurrence. However, the potential for lowering the number of domestic violence occurrences is present, but first solutions for reducingRead MoreEssay on How to Reduce the Level of Domestic Violence884 Words   |  4 Pagesmost large-scale and complex problems America deals with each year is that of domestic violence. This crime is one which leaves the victim filled with fear, anxiety, and s hame; feelings that one should not have to feel. Yet as America progresses through time, no one solution has been proven to significantly reduce the ongoing domestic violence occurrence. However, the potential for lowering the number of domestic violence occurrences is present, but first solutions for reducing this problem have toRead MoreThe Lecture On Domestic Violence Essay1736 Words   |  7 Pagesexplored the changes and influences of the Domestic Protection Act, 1982 and the Domestic Violence Act, 1996. The presentation put emphasis on the law and systems in dealing with domestic violence. Included also in the lecture, was the analysis of protection orders and police interference. Protection orders are in practice for the urgent safety of the victims of domestic violence. They are applied for through the family court with evidence of domestic violence or potential danger (Morden, 2016). TheRead MoreDomestic Abuse And Domestic Violence1381 Words   |  6 PagesNational Coll ision Against Domestic Violence, a woman in the United States is fatally shot by a spouse, ex-spouse, or other romantic partner on average every 14 hours. Despite these statistics, there are still many misconceptions about domestic violence both in California and across the United States. Domestic Violence is Always Physical While physical abuse is one part of domestic violence, physical abuse is only a portion of the problem. The National Domestic Violence s website looks at a varietyRead MoreThe Postmodern Theory Of Narrative Therapy Interventions1594 Words   |  7 Pagespostmodernism hypothesizing that since reality can be constructed by society, it can also be reconstructed or reframed using language. A major interventions that does this within postmodernism is narrative therapy approach, which can help address domestic violence. In narrative therapy interventions, clients are asked organize their experiences in narrative that puts them as the protagonist of their own story (Dybicz, 2012). By doing this the individual is able to externalize their problem and becomeRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Abuse1478 Words   |  6 PagesLiterature Review Background of Study ​Anger and violence happen at every level in the family, which ultimately destroys the family life, and it happens with couples, parents, children and also siblings. However, females have primarily been the target of violence (Payne Wermeling, 2009). Domestic abuse is often recurring and it signifies that one partner in the relationship threatens the other psychologically, economically and sexually by harming them physically or threatening to harm themRead MoreDomestic Violence Should Not Be A Private Matter1478 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic violence is not always reported and therefore it is difficult to establish precise statistics for its occurrence, however, it is estimated that around sixteen percent of all violent crime is represented by domestic violence. Most of the perpetrators are male and most of the victims are female (approximately 77 percent). However, domestic violence is not a new problem, it has always existed, but before, it was kept completely in the pri vate sphere. As women have become more independent andRead MoreDomestic Violence Is A Coercive Behavior That Involves1184 Words   |  5 PagesDomestic Violence is a coercive behavior that involves a physical, psychological or sexual attack perpetrated by individuals against their partner or former partner. Examples include physical abuse, for instance, slapping, beating, and strangulation among others. Sexual assault includes threats, forceful sexual acts, and use of physical force. Psychological abuse may involve excessive jealousy, intimidation, harassment or stalking among others. In the United States, 20 people are physically abused

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Time Value of Money and Present Value - 1154 Words

Date: 14/11/2012 52. Annuities: You are saving for the college education of your two children. They are two years apart in age; one will begin college 15 years from today and the other will begin 17 years from today. You estimate your children’s college expenses to be $23,000 per year per child, payable at the beginning of each school year. The annual interest rate is 5.5 percent. How much money must you deposit in account each year to fund your children’s education? Your deposits begin one year from today. You will make your last deposit when your oldest child enters college. Assume four years of college Solution: Cost of 1 year at university = 23,000 N=4 I=5.5% PMT=23,000 CPT PV =†¦show more content†¦Solution: The price of a bond is equal to PV of expected future cash flows Bond M: Face value 20,000 Present value of 20,000 = 20,000/ (1.05) ^40 = $2,840.91 First we need to get the present value of the annuity for the 1,500 semiannual PMTs at year 14 Present Value of Annuity = $13,295 $13,295 becomes $3,391 at year 0 We then get the annuity of the 1,200 semiannual PMTs at year 6, and then at Present Value $13,005 at year 6 with a PV of $7,242 at year 0 The sum of the 3 PV’s gives us the value of the bond 2,841 + 3,391 + 7,242 = $13,474 Bond N Face value 20,000 Present value of 20,000 = 20,000/ (1.05) ^40 = $2,840.91 38. Non-constant growth: Storico Co. just paid a dividend of aud 3.5 per share. The company will increase its dividend by 20% next year, and will then reduce its dividend growth rate by 5% per year, until it reaches the industry average of 5% industry average growth, after which the company will keep a constant growth rate forever. If the required return on Storico stock is 13%, what will a share of stock sell for today? Solution : D0 = $3.5 D1= 3.5*1.2= $4.2 D2= 4.2*1.15= $4.83 D3=4.83*1.1= $5.31 D4=5.31*1.05= $5.58 Since the first 4 periods are different we get the PV of each one alone, then as of the 4th year we get the perpetuity of the rest, and sum them up to get the final NPV WeShow MoreRelatedWeek 5 Reflection Essays680 Words   |  3 PagesReflection The concept of time value of money is accounting is the relationship between time and money (Kieso, Wygandt, amp; Warfield, 2007). The common expression is that money today is worth more than the assurance of money received tomorrow. The reason for this saying is the investment opportunities and borrowing options. Understanding how to compare present and future values of money and learning how to use the different time values of money is important in accounting and the differentRead MoreThe Time Value of Money875 Words   |  4 Pagesdiscuss the time value of money, and illustrate that I understand the concept. First, there will be an explanation of the key concepts of time value of money, including why it is important to know what these concepts are and how they are applied to the real world. The report will also contain several calculations made using present and future value tables. The calculations illustrate that not only do I understand the concepts but that I c an apply them to mathematical computations. 1. The time valueRead MoreFactors That Affect the Time Value of Money1100 Words   |  5 PagesFactors that Affect the Time Value of Money Time value of money is the concept that an amount of money in one s possession is worth more than that same amount of money promised in the future (Garrison, 2006). The reason for this is that money today can be invested to earn interest and therefore will be worth more in the future (Brealey, Myers, Marcus, 2004). This paper will explain how annuities affect time value of money (TVM) problems and investment outcomes. In addition, this paper will brieflyRead MoreEssay on Time Value Of Money1655 Words   |  7 PagesTime Value of Money Time Value of Money To make itself as valuable as possible to stock holders; an enterprise must choose the best combination of decisions on investment, financing and dividends. In any economy in which firms have the time preference, the time value of money is an important concept. Stockholders will pay more for an investment that promises returns over years 1 to 5 than they will pay for an investment that promises identical returns for years 6 through 10. Essentially oneRead MoreTime Value of Money1033 Words   |  5 PagesTime Value of Money (TVM), developed by Leonardo Fibonacci in 1202, is an important concept in financial management. It can be used to compare investment alternatives and to solve problems involving loans, mortgages, leases, savings, and annuities. TVM is based on the concept that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future. That is mainly because money held today can be invested and earn interest. A key concept of TVM is that a single sum of money or a series of equal,Read MoreCapital Budget Recommendation1135 Words   |  5 Pagesorganization. An overview of each possible technique provide it this paper before explaining how the how the recommendation was made. After considering Guillermo s circumstance, evaluating Guillermo Furniture s data sheet and using the present value index method to compare his alternative capital investment opportunities, a recommendation was ready to be made to Guillermo. It is recommended that Guillermo select the high technology investment solution because of its higher return rate. Read MoreEssay on Time Value Of Money1252 Words   |  6 PagesTime Value of Money The time value of money serves as the foundation of finance. The fact that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar in the future is the basis for investments and business growth. The future value of a dollar is based on the present dollar amount, interest rate and time period involved. Financial calculators and tables can assist in computing the future and present values, which eases the pain of the mathematically challenged. Yield or rate of return can also be calculatedRead MoreThe Relationship Between Time And Money1545 Words   |  7 Pagesbetween time and money provides the foundation of every financial decision that we, the people made in the world today. Whether it will be saving money for a future event or considering a loan to pay for a current financial need. Everyday, everywhere people are greatly affected by the time value of money. Firms and organizations, investors and capitalists use this concept in particular for them to decide what to accomplish with their mo ney and how to achieve their goals. They give money today inRead MoreTime Value Of Money Paper1354 Words   |  6 PagesTime Value of Money Paper In order to understand how to deal with money the important idea to know is the time value of money. Time Value of Money (TVM) is the simple concept that a dollar that someone has now is worth more than the dollar that person will receive in the future, this is because the money that the person holds today is worth more because it can be invested and earn interest (Web Finance, Inc., 2007). The following paper will explain how annuities affect TVM problems and investmentRead MoreTime Value of Money Paper1411 Words   |  6 PagesTime Value of Money Paper In order to understand how to deal with money the important idea to know is the time value of money. Time Value of Money (TVM) is the simple concept that a dollar that someone has now is worth more than the dollar that person will receive in the future, this is because the money that the person holds today is worth more because it can be invested and earn interest (Web Finance, Inc., 2007). The following paper will explain how annuities affect TVM problems and investment

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Rhetorical Analysis Of Immunizations Victims Of Their...

Rhetorical Analysis Jim Carry, Jenny McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy. What do all these celebrities have in common? All of them are anti-vaccine. The articles that I have found that relate to my field of study are â€Å"Immunizations: Victims of Their Own Success† by Tony Cappello and â€Å"Addressing the Anti- Vaccination Movement and the Roles of HCW† by S. Tafuri, MS Gallone, MG Cappelli, D. Martinelli, R Prato, et al. Both of these articles are trying to portray the importance of the importance of vaccines to everyone, ranging from parents all the way to health care workers. In Tony Cappello’s article â€Å"Immunizations: Victims of Their Own Success† and in the article â€Å"Addressing the Anti- Vaccination Movement and the Roles of HCW† they both†¦show more content†¦Cappello also says that â€Å"unfounded concerns related to vaccine safety and toxicity† (Cappello 2). He is also saying that one of the main reasons the parents do not vaccinate is b ecause of they believe it could cause health problems, like SIDS, Autism, and Asperger Syndrome. While that may be one of the reasons parents don’t vaccinate, religious beliefs, philosophical reasons, and several different ideals also play a role in a parent deciding whether to vaccinate their child. As stated in â€Å"Immunizations: Victims of Their Own Success†, â€Å"People often don’t fear what they do not see,† (Cappello. 2). Once again Cappello is making assumptions about what other people fear but only just as an observation of a small group of people. When it comes to facts, both articles have an abundance of them. In Cappello’s article he states that between 1940 and 1945 alone, more than one million cases of pertussis were reported, but by the 1980’s and 1990’s it had decreased to by an average of 2,900 cases per year. (Cappello 1) He also discusses the Measles vaccine saying that, â€Å"After the introduction of the measle s vaccination in 1963, the incidence of measles decreased by more than 98 percent,† (Cappello 2) Which was shocking to read, just how much both of those diseases decreased just by getting people vaccinated. To me this shows how big of an impact

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Cyber Issues and Crimes

Question: Write an essay on "cyber issues and crimes". Answer: Introduction Computer crime or cyber crime is basically the word or the wonders that are identifying with PC frameworks and its systems. In this day and age, the vast majority of the information of any individual and any associations are spared into the distributed computing or cloud organizing framework and computer crime or cyber crime for that matter is based on this territory . Cloud Computing is a structured innovation where every one of the information is put away in the virtual system.Cloud Computing or information on the interest is both are the basically the same term carrying exact meaning where the information is seen at any part of the world. The Cloud Computing framework or information on the interest is bases on the progressed organizing arrangement of the PCs and additionally by the assistance of the web correspondence associations(Britz, M. 2009). The Cloud Computing framework is the place all the procedure information or any associations and any individual are shared and addition ally put away in the virtual region of the system. In this advanced innovation world, the greater part of the valuable information of any individual or plan of action are put away in the cloud organizing framework that comprises by the assistance of the systems administration framework, web correspondence convention and in addition servers. In this present day strategy for putting away framework, the procedure information are put away a specific server's region that is being utilized and checking by that server client acting individually or customer ("Special issue on Cyber security, Crime, and crime scene investigation of remote systems and applications", 2015). In this present day procedure of information or data stockpiling and in addition sharing framework/model are giving different sorts of the capacity framework furthermore the strategy that was proposed by the customer of a data or a specific server are process and view in everywhere throughout the world, utilizing web corres pondence framework and PCs. Cloud Computing Framework By utilizing the cutting edge innovation under the domain of Cloud Computing, the computer crime or cyber crimeis going on and comprising. Cyber crime or PC crime is the most elevated innovation technique for criminal offence in everywhere throughout the world. The cyber crime or computer crime is the kind of criminal act or criminal offence where the client is basically trying to hack the helpful information or data as per their needs.Cyber crime or computer crime are the specialized assaults where the person needs some essential parameter like web correspondence convention to interface and additionally some fundamental thought regarding the systems administration innovation(Canini, M. 2007). The Cyber crime or computer crime comprises of the assistance of client or programmer and fundamental data about this present reality information. The cyber crime or computer crime programmers are hacking or doing some illicit exercises by the assistance of different systems administration parameters and some certifiable information. The cyber crime or computer crime programmers or client doing some illicit exercises by which they can without much of a stretch get some certifiable information through the web correspondence framework. The Computer Crime or Cyber Crime programmer's are hacking some genuine word information or data like saving money points of interest, kid erotic entertainment, unlawful downloading, youngster seizing, gathering individual data, misleading, presenting different sorts of bending firewall, malware, spreading undesirable terrorism and a great deal more. Research Issues Cyber issue regardingthe cybercrime implies the attrocities or unlawful activity that occurs inside a virtual world in light of the fact that the Cyber basically denotes the virtual. Thus, the Crime is going on through the assistance of a few advances and also associated with the virtual world with the guide of the web. The computer crime is the offense where the programmers have utilized the innovation and web as mostly as a medium furthermore focusing on it. Different sorts of offenses like hacking, abuses of individual information or data are effortlessly staken by the assistance of the innovation and web(Computer cafes of Nepal. 2007). The computer crime or the virtual unlawful activities have likewise utilized the innovation and web as their tools like they simply utilized it to interface and after that are prepared to perform anything they can exchange important information or data to one PC or framework to another. The programmers likewise need to energy to evacuate every one of the information in the fundamental framework. In these days, the e-trade is the most mainstream and the valuable innovation stage at where all the world arrangements on the regular schedule around there the programmer's are exchange there helpful data and also their asset. The Cyber issue is likewise held in that place where the applicable data or information is available rapidly. Therefore, the programmer's are additionally utilizing the innovation as an instrument and exchanging stores and data on the client or the essential framework. The Cyber crooks are additionally taking the individual characters. Different sorts of computer crime or issues on the cyber domain are appeared in underneath with the assistance of two unique classes. Issues of cyber crime Therefore, some research issues are shown in below: Developing better security policy. Developing network security based on Developing better antivirus for Managing cloud storage system Develop user identity Secure all data or information by using different types of networking layers. Literature Review on Cyber Crime Mr. William Gibson a profounder author said 'Computerr Crime' in his sci-fi novel Neuromancer which was composed in the mid 1980s, he set up the plot in a way expressing, to the point that it has basically no defined physical structure or presence, the novel consists of a plot which incorporated a Cyber programmer who was enlisted by a business to get into the internet or hack it. The internet is a mental trip which is thought to denote presence, that is physical yet its all PC created. Individuals who are associated with this sort of system all carried out a Crime via doing the business exchange by utilizing other individuals' bank points of interest and so on they all overstepped the law. The internet is a visualization which can be thought to have a presence physically, yet its all PC created. Individuals who are associated with this sort of system all carried out a Crime via completing the business exchange by utilizing other individuals' bank points of interest and so forth they all overstepped the law. Quite a while back normal individuals was told about Cyber Crime created an occurrence happened which incorporated a misrepresentation online asset exchange of USD 10 million from Citibank(Cyber crime. 2011). This misrepresentation action was done by a Russian programmer bunch drove by Vladimir Kevin, who was an eminent programmer around then. Vladimir utilized the PC in his office which was in St.Petersburg i.e Russia in order to hack in Citibank database. Vladimir was arrested while he was attempting to go gto Switzerland airplane terminal. In 2007 the crime rate was expanded by 22.7% in light of the fact that it being around of 453 in 2006 which wound up to 556 in 2007, 217 out of 339 was the Cyber falsification that is 64.0% and 73 of 339 was Cyber misrepresentation 21.5%. This came under IPC class and was the essential cases thought to be a computer Crime; this unlawful work was completed by people in the age period of 18-30,and this consisted of about 63%. Computerr Crime was characterized by the Information Technology Bill, which was proposed during 1999 as per that demonstration/law "A man who purposely obliterates or purposefully disguises any PC source or uses a PC system to devastate any obscure database will be considered as a Computer Crime. Computer Crime is deserving of a fine which might be up to two lakhs or detainment of up to three years or all the more, in some cases both. ("US backs Cyber Crime Bill", 1999)." Computer Crime can be grouped or can be characterized as an unapproved access to an obscure database or a PC framework bringing about information pulverization, burglary of any protected innovation. Under the context of national security,Computer Crime is chiefly hacking related movement(Cyber crime. 2011). Erotic entertainment, accepting a personality, lewd behavior and SPAM are a few case of Cyber Crimes. PCs are additionally focuses of Computer Crime by programming robbery and hacking. Computer Crime or cyber crime can be divided in two broad ways. Cyber Crime helped By Computer: In computer crime computer is the primary tool, taking committing bank frauds, stealing stock prices, credit card details also sharing of illicitcopy of movies. Cyber Crime performed By computer: Usage of software like virusesmaking a server to corrupt Cyber terrorism Pornography including adult and child Homicides that are accounted for the internet Understanding computer crime is necessary as basically it is a component of the offence. Proposed Solution Computer crime is multi faced as subjects are straightforwardly focused on and this Crime is developing at a fast rate. The difficulties that are in cybercrime are predominantly stolen information which comprises of bank subtle elements like charge cards, keeping money account points of interest, budgetary information these are utilized to access the database of obscure individuals bringing about burglary; in some cases another credit extension is likewise opened. Over the previous years, cybercrime has been expanding quickly which has advanced into the universe of data innovation(Goodman, S. and Sofaer, A. 2001). The most generally reported PC Crime to Inter-GOV is kid erotic entertainment, email abuses and much all the more frightening is the act ofcyber terrorism conceivably done by the use of gigantic physical hardware which is presently worked by PCs. The Internet is basically the sole reason of discussion in the lawful group has been of little help in light of the fact that for it is shifted, changed the Cyber law and is continually developing raising the new thought to put an end to this. Hart has said in his work "The Concept of Law" that people are unsafe or powerless, so the law is important to defend them from any danger. On the off chance that we apply this hypothesis to the internet, we may reason that 'PCs are hazardous so to protect PCs against computer crime laws are required. The reason forcyber crime as follows: Saving of data in small storage: The attributes of PCs are special with regards to putting away information since it requires a small area. This element makes it simpler for the programmers to expel or get to data through virtual media. Very easy to access: The issue which is confronted in ensuring a PC framework against unapproved access are that there is each possibility of unapproved access created not in view of human blame but rather on account of the intricate innovation utilized. In the event that furtively a rationale bomb is embedded by a programmer access to voice recorders, codes can turn out to be simple. A biometric framework can be tricked and firewalls can be skirted bringing about going through security frameworks. Complex: Working framework is utilized so PCs can work, these working framework, thus, comprises of a great many codes. A human being is not faultless so there is plausibility that there may be a little pass in any stage. These focal points are used by the programmers to enter the PC framework. Act of negligence: Human behavior incorporates carelessness which expresses that while ensuring a essential database there may be carelessness from any person making it simple for any individual attempting to hack a framework or information, which results in absolute control of the framework by the criminall. Telephonic discussion comprising of trading of passwords, money related data, and so on prompts Cyber frailty. Evidence loss: An extremely regular issue is a disappointment of evidence, in which information or some other critical information is constantly devastated. These outcomes as an obstruction to computer crime examination. Solutions against Cyber Crime as follows: Removing of the framework of pernicious codes by putting dynamic or expert engineer bunches with the assistance of Communication and InformationTechnology and some assistance from administration. Cooperation with private firms to distinguish future correspondence procedure or medium of correspondence which can be prepared for criminal abuse of data. Worldwide computer crime law ought to be executed all over the place so that important legitimate action can be performed when it happens. A virtual task force to fight against crime related to internet. Computers are vital in light of the fact that in it numerous spare information, data, and so on are put away so it ought to be put in a focal region so that anyone utilizing the PC and if the individual unconsciously tries to unveil any imperative information to any noxious site can be halted (Comparative and global policing, equity, and transnational crime, 2014) The Council is some assistance to the assessment of lawful framework everywhere throughout the world. This vision can be satisfied by making little yet essential strides like setting up an International Court, which can take care of issues identified with computer crime Experimental Analysis and Discussion In lieu of the notice dialog and in addition demonstrated case situation unmistakably the issue is presently the most hazardous criminal offense. A basic Crime is identified with a true face yet in this issue(Jewkes, Y. 2007). Without a web association, today's reality is visually impaired and that are the principle advantage that makes by the Cyber hoodlums and in addition programmers. According to the examination that were performed under the realm of computer crime or cyber crimewe have discovered numerous focuses to talk about cybercrime. Computer Crime has been a dread to everybody. Individuals are chased by these hoodlums, and they hack helpful information or data from that client. Individuals these days has turned out to be simple prey for these hoodlums in light of the fact that they are offering them which according to the clients are extremely appealing and as they attempt to reclaim , fall prey to these lawbreakers. Individuals ought to go into every last detail and they o ught to be additional cognizant about each and all that they are doing(Johnson, M. 2013). They ought to utilize legitimate assurance on their PCs. Passwords ought to be sufficiently solid s that nobody can hack their messages and financial balances. Passwords ought to be changed at each 90days. Every one of the sites ought to be surfed appropriately no obscure connection ought to be clicked as they can contain Trojans malware and so forth. Every one of the treats ought to be deleted from the program so not a single password get spared in the program. The Recent adaptation of Microsoft windows ought to be upgraded in the PC so that the most recent firewall can begin this makes things harder to hack the PC. Programming escape clauses ought to be dealt with so that the programmers don't hack from the server(Kirwan, G. and Power, A. 2011). Every last individual ought to be prepared appropriately with the goal that they can get legitimate learning about the kind of violations the hoodlums do. Nobody ought to impart their classified points of interest to any obscure individual. Recommendation In admiration of the above notice case situation or more talk, plainly the issue of impending cyber crimeis averting by the assistance of some fundamental normal and specialized sense. The Cyber Crime or illicit online violations are effortlessly counteracted and can make quit by avoid tips and thoughts. In the event that the clients of the PC or individual frameworks secure their own information under the framework, then they can keep the Computer Crime or the Cyber Issue(Knake, R. 2010). In the event that we were maintaining a strategic distance from the different kind of misleading email that the Computer Crime or the Cyber Issue is additionally followed The issue concerning cyber crimeis additionally secure to some individual consideration of your own information and additionally your own framework. In the PC or the framework that are utilizing web correspondence association, routinely checked its framework overhauled records and exceptional as indicated by their new redesign is coming(Lewis, J. 2003). A portion of the case singular customers of the framework are utilizations programmed overhauled; that is very useful regarding the framework or PCs since then the standard checking is not required. The cyber issue is likewise forestalling to deal with each mail. Despite the fact that, sometype framework pack catering to security or spy products are additionally valuable to keep the illicit most criminal offense or Cyber issues. Conclusion The cyber issues have been unsurpassed in around and in addition data frameworks are around us. In admiration of the notice case situation or the contextual analysis, unmistakably cyber crime or hacking is a kind of offense. The web is the most helpful correspondence and additionally the development framework at where every one of the things come perhaps inside couple of minutes and that are likewise the main source and point of interest for the programmers or the cyber crooks(Neal, B. 2010). The taking of the individual information that are as of now partaken in the distributed storage framework or the systems administration server is additionally the most illicit work yet that are imagined for the expanding the way of life and additionally sparing the time. What's more, that is the weakest point or dangerous zone since all the distinctive individuals are utilized the distributed computing framework or the web for the better correspondence and in addition a superior alternative for the capacity information to overseeing through everywhere throughout the world by means of web yet the cyber hoodlums are getting benefit. To solve this issue,we need to secure systems administration range on the web by the assistance of different counteracting framework and tips that is examined in the above part.(Reyes, A. 2007). To keep the cyber issue at bay, all nations are needed to make some imperative laws by which the computer crimes are counteracted. Additionally, need to stop illicit sites that are unapproved by the administrations of the nations. It is likewise critical to each legislature for giving instructive system with respect to the cyber issue or cyber crime. References Britz, M. (2004).Computer forensics and cyber crime. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Britz, M. (2009).Computer forensics and cyber crime. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall. Canini, M. (2007).Crime. Farmington Hills, MI: Greenhaven Press/Thomson Gale. Cyber cafes of Nepal. (2007). Lalitpur: South Asia Partnership International Bellanet Asia (Bellasap). Cyber crime. (2011). Washington: U.S. G.P.O. Cyber crime. (2011). Hershey, Pa.: IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA). Cyber governance health check [electronic resource]. (2013). London: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. Goodman, S. and Sofaer, A. (2001).The Transnational Dimension of Cyber Crime and Terrorism. Chicago: Hoover Institution Press. Jewkes, Y. (2007). Crime online.Cullompton, Devon: Willan. Johnson, M. (2013).Cyber crime, security and digital intelligence.Farnham, Surrey: Gower Pub. Ltd. Kirwan, G. and Power, A. (2011).The psychology of cyber crime. Hershey, Pa.: IGI Global (701 E. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17033, USA). Knake, R. (2010). Internet governance in an age of cyber insecurity. New York, NY: Council on Foreign Relations. Lewis, J. (2003). Cyber security. Washington, D.C.: CSIS Press, Center for Strategic and International Studies. Neal, B. (2010). Hackers, fraudsters and botnets. Canberra: Standing Committee on Communications. Reyes, A. (2007). Cyber crime investigations. Rockland, MA: Syngress Pub. Santanam, R., Sethumadhavan, M. and Virendra, M. (2011).Cyber security, cyber crime and cyber forensics. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. Santanam, R., Sethumadhavan, M. and Virendra, M. (2011).Cyber security, cyber crime and cyber forensics. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference.

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Speech on Environmental Issues Today Essay Example

Speech on Environmental Issues Today Essay Our Environment how can you and I help save it? Albert Einstein said â€Å"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. † Our planet is in trouble! Pretty much everywhere you look today you will hear or see something reminding you that our planet’s health is failing. If our planet where a person it would be about time to buy the burial plot and write out the last will and testament. Just a brief list of the things that is ailing her is pollution, acid rain, climate change, the destruction of rainforests and other wild habitats, the decline and extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants. nd so on. I think everyone in here can agree that all of these issues exist and that humans have caused them. Thankfully many of us are concerned about the future of our planet and unless we can find a way of solving the problems then the environment will suffer. I know this all sounds so depressing but we can’t get overwhelmed. Every one of us can do something to help slow down and reverse some of the damage. We cannot leave the problem-solving entirely to the experts we all have a responsibility to our environment. We must learn to live in way that will sustain our world like learn to use our natural resources which include air, freshwater, forests, wildlife, farmland and seas without damaging them. As populations expand and lifestyles change, we have to keep the world in a condition so that future generations will have the same natural resources that we have today. Here I am going to list just a few examples of the threats to our environment as well as some ideas to help you to do something about them. Waste We humans create a lot of trash! Between 1992 and 2008 household waste increased by 16% and we now produce just under half a ton per person each year. Most of this trash is hauled away by the garbage man and buried in a huge landfill or it is burned. Both of these options are harmful in their own way. Is all our trash really trash? If you think about it, a lot of what we throw away could be used again. It makes sense to reuse and recycle our trash instead of just trying to solve the problem of where to put it! We will write a custom essay sample on Speech on Environmental Issues Today specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Speech on Environmental Issues Today specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Speech on Environmental Issues Today specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Much of our waste is made up of glass, metal, plastic and paper. Our natural resources such as trees, oil, coal and aluminum are used up in enormous amounts to make these products and the resources will one day be completely used up. So in order to cut down on the energy used lets reuse. What can you do? * Sort out your trash. Organic matter (e. g. potato peelings, left over food, tea leaves etc. ) can be put in to a compost heap in the garden and used as a good, natural fertilizer for the plants. Aluminum cans, glass bottles and newspapers are often collected from our doorsteps, but other items such as plastic bottles, juice cartons and cardboard may not be, in which case they can be taken to nearby recycling banks. You can find out where they are by just searching on line. * Use recycled paper to help save trees. Chlorine bleach is usually used to make newspapers and this pollutes rivers. Its better to use unbleached, recycled paper whenever you can. * Take your old clothes to char ity shops. Some are sold, others are returned to textile mills for recycling. * Try to avoid buying plastic. Its hard to recycle. One way to cut down on plastic is to refuse to use plastic bags offered by supermarkets and use cloth re-useable shopping bags instead, or re-use plastic bags over and over again, until they wear out and then recycle them. Pollution The air, water and soil of habitats all over the world have been, and are being polluted in many different ways. This pollution affects the health of living things. Air is damaged by vehicle emissions, and power stations create acid rain which destroys entire forests and lakes. When fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal are burned to provide energy for lighting, cooking etc. they create polluting gases. Oils spills pollute sea water and kill marine life; chemical waste from factories and sewage, and artificial fertilizers from farmland, pollute river water, killing wildlife and spreading disease. What can be done? * Don’t litter. * Use less energy by switching off lights when rooms are not in use, not wasting hot water, not overheating rooms. Use a bicycle or walk instead of using a car when you can. Or rideshare, and use the HOV lane. * If you spot pollution, such as oil on the beach, report it. If you suspect a stream is polluted, report it to the local EPA office. . * Organic foods are produced without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, preventing these pollutants from contaminating habitats and entering the food chain. So it may cost a little more but it is better for you and for the environment. The Greenhouse Effect Certain gases in the atmosphere, mainly carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorocarbons, act like the glass in a greenhouse, allowing sunlight through to heat the Earths surface but trapping some of the heat as it radiates back into space. Without this the Earth would be frozen and lifeless. However, due to the â€Å"Human Effect† ,greenhouse gases are building up in the atmosphere, causing a greater amount of heat to be reflected back to Earth. This results in an increase in average world temperatures and is already causing more droughts, flooding and extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes which we have all seen on the news. Some ways to Help * Dont waste electricity or heat. Electricity and heating are produced by burning coal, oil and gas and this action gives off carbon dioxide. The more we use the more we pollute. * Car fumes produce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide so try to cut down on car trips if possible. Use a bike or walk its good exercise for you too! * Recycle as much of your waste as you can. Methane, the most effective greenhouse gas, is released into the air as the trash in landfill sites rots. Now I realize we can’t all live on a farm and grow our own food and all drive smart cars. We Texans normally can’t walk or take a bike places because everything is so far away. My dream job has always been one that I could ride a bike to, that sounds funny but every little bit helps. Some other things I did were to change out all of my light bulbs with energy efficient ones, and reinsulated my house. This and other things save me money but they also save the environment. Let me leave you with one last thing: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

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Directive Leadership Styles. Discuss Essays

Participative Leadership Style Is Always More Effective Than Autocratic/Directive Leadership Styles. Discuss Essays Participative Leadership Style Is Always More Effective Than Autocratic/Directive Leadership Styles. Discuss Paper Participative Leadership Style Is Always More Effective Than Autocratic/Directive Leadership Styles. Discuss Paper Ryan J. , 2002. ‘Applying situational leadership in Australia’, Journal of Management Development, vol. 21 no ? pp. 242-262. Bass, B. M. 1990, Bass Stodgill’s handbook of leadership: Theory, research, managerial applications, 3rd edn, New York, Free Press. Bennis, W. , Nanus, B. 1985, Leaders: the strategies for taking charge, Harper Collins, New York. Dubrin, A. J. Dalglish, C. 2001, Leadership: an Australian focus, John Wiley and Sons, Queensland. Eagly, H. A. , Carli, L. L. 2003, ‘The female Leadership advantage: An Evaluation of the Evidence’, Leadership Quaterly, vol. 14 no 6, pp. 807-834. Gordon, J. , Patterson A. J. 2006, ‘School leadership in context: Narratives of practice and possibility’, Leadership in Education, vol. 9 no 3, pp. 205-228. Gupta, V. , Surie,G. , Javidan, M. , Chhokaar,J. , 2002. ‘Southern Asia cluster: where the old meets the new? ’, Journal of world business, vol. 7, pp. 16-27. Hertzberg, F. , 1986, Work and the nature of man, Thomas Crowell, New York. Hofstede, G. , 1980. Culture’s consequences: international differences in work-related values. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage House, R. J. 1971, ‘A path-goal theory of leader effectiveness’, Administrative Science Quarterly, vol. 16, pp. 321–338. House, R. J. , Javidan, M. , Hanges, P. , and Do rfman, P. , 2002. ‘Understanding cultures and implicit leadership theories across the globe: an introduction to project GLOBE’, Journal of world of business, vol, 37, pp. 3-10. Locke, E. A. 1996, ‘The contradiction of epiphenomenalism’, British Journal of Psychology, vol. 57, pp. 203 4. McShane, S. , Olekalns, M. Travaglione, T. 2010, Organisational Behaviour on the Pacific Rim, 3rd edn, McGraw-Hill Australia Pty Ltd, North Ryde. Rothwell, D. J. 2009, In mixed Company: Communicating in Small Groups and Teams, 7th edn, Cengage Learning. Sammarra, A. , Dandi R. , Muzzi C. , Biggiero L. 2010, ‘The effect of email use and adoption on organisational participation: The case of public administration’, Human Systems Management, vol. 9 pp. 27-39. Smith, J. M. , Sainfort, P. C. 1989, ‘A balance theory of job design for stress reduction’, International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, vol. 4, no1 pp. 67-79. Yukl, G. 2002, Leadership in Organisations, 5th edn, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Yukongdi,V. , 2010. ‘A study of Thai employees’ preferred leadership style’, Asia Pacific Business Re view, vol. 16 no1-2, pp. 161-181. Zaleznik, A. 1977, ‘Managers and leaders; are they different? ’, Harvard Business Review, May – June.

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Gasland Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Gasland - Essay Example This film has created a new awareness in the public concerning the devastating environmental effects of hydraulic fracturing, which is one of the means through which natural gas is extracted in the mainland United States. This means of gas extraction, also known as fracking, is done through the injection of chemicals and massive quantities of water at high pressures with the intention of cracking open the rocks deep beneath the surface and as a result releasing the natural gas. This method has helped in the emergence of the natural gas boom across the United States, but as the film shows, there has developed proof that this method of gas extraction is leading to the contamination of water as well as leaking into homes. The film works towards the establishment of means through which these issues concerning the conservation of the American environment can be discussed and viable solutions for the environmental problems caused by these activities by oil and gas companies can be found. I t can further be said that this film deals with the preservation, the development, and the return of the American natural environment to the state in which it was previously. ... In the film, it is stated that previously, the main method that was used for the extraction of natural gas was through the drilling into the ground until a pocket of gas was hit and this gas was captured as it rose. The director states that one of the reasons why he started making the film is because he started to wonder how it was that all of a sudden his family and their neighbours were in a gas drilling area when prior to this, their area had never had any kind of industrial development. In the film, the fact that the fracking method is causing environmental damage is worrisome and disturbing and it is because of the use of these methods by the various gas companies that the beautiful, scenic and amazing landscape of the United States is being destroyed. The director of the film, who also serves as the narrator, states that at least fifty percent the state of New York as well as sixty percent the state of Pennsylvania is being leased to gas companies for the purpose of drilling fo r gas using the fracking method. Throughout the film, it is seen that the land in the United States is being handed over to gas prospecting companies at an alarming rate with many of the individuals doing so, mostly farmers, not realising that doing so is resulting in the destruction of their natural environment (Fox). One would say that the film is mostly made up of a series of interviews and it can be considered to be one which shows profound respect for the people from different places across the United States that are interviewed. It can further be said that because of the respect that is displayed by the film’s director that the individuals who are interviewed are so forthcoming with the information that they have to give concerning the